A Mom thinks swim Instructor’s man boobs are not to be exposed


A mom from Arlington is causing a fit within the Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation’s aquatics program.

The mom’s name is Lynn. Her last name is not to be used because of protection of her daughter’s privacy. The Mom thinks that a male swim instructor is showing too much skin and she means specifically, his chest, when he is in the pool. What she wants is for the swim instructor to wear a shirt at least, when he is teaching her daughter and also other children how to swim.

On Thursday the Parks and Rec staffer told her that the department wouldn’t force the instructor to wear anything in the pool other than appropriate swim trunks. After getting this news, Lynn emailed a couple of local reporters and news outlets to complain about the situation. For the mom the biggest problem is the skin-to-skin contact that she finds intolerable.

When she brings her daughter to swimming lessons she sits there and watches what is happening. And she sees the instructors touching and holding the kids the entire time! The mother has had other complaints against the Parks and Rec department, but something else happened recently.

The spokeswoman of Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation, Susan Kalish told a local website that it is optional for swim instructors to wear swim shirts.

Kalish says that al the aquatic instructors that are employed by Arlington County are required to wear the proper swim attire. For men it required that they must wear swim trunks. The swim instructors are provided with a rash-guard shirt that is specially worn in water. But that is optional. The Department got complains regarding staff attire last Wednesday, June 8. The Staff responded promptly and offered to cancel the class enrollment and provide a full refund.”

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