Abandoned kitten has both male and female sex organs


An abandoned kitten named Bellini has an unusual condition. When she was about to get neutered it was discovered by the vets, that she or he has both male and female sex organs. That makes the kitten an HERMAPHRODITE
The kitten was nine-week-old and part of a litter taken in by the charity’s adoption center in St Helens, Merseyside, in February this year. The unusual condition was discovered because Bellini was old enough to get neutered.

The Cats Protection’s organization St Helen’s Adoption Centre manager Sonia Scowcroft said the people working there are still baffled. Was Bellini the cat a boy or a girl. They thought it was up to the people who adopts the kitten has to decide what Bellini was going to be. A boy or a girl.

image source http://www.peoplepets.com/
image source http://www.peoplepets.com/

Sonia Scowcroft said that she was stunned, because this condition is very unusual. She has seen over 3,000 cats during her work at Cats Protection and has only seen one other hermaphrodite cat. She never thought she would meet number two. But beyond having to reproductive male an female genitalia, Belini is absolutely adorable and will make a lovely pet for someone.

Fortunately, being a hermaphrodite will not cause any health issues for Bellini. Belini has a slight heart murmur so the new owner will have to bring the cat to doctor for regular veterinary checks. Sarah Elliott, Cats Protection’s central veterinary officer, concludes that “Hermaphrodite – or intersex – cats is not something that occurs frequently. So it is fair to say that Bellini is one of the more unusual cats to be found.

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