Aisha Tyler Announces Her Divorce


After tabloid headlines picked up the story, Aisha Tyler announced her divorce from Jeff, her husband of 20 years on a recent episode of The Talk. She stated that going through a divorce is painful enough but it is more painful doing it in the public eye. She confessed that for over half of her adult life, Jeff had been by her side. After having been college sweethearts, in 1994 they became husband and wife.

Despite the impending divorce Tyler has publicly stated that she does not consider her marriage to be a failure. She confessed that during their marriage they unsuccessfully tried to have a baby but gave up on the idea because they couldn’t bear to keep trying.

Aisha has also said that she wanted to keep their divorce private because her husband is not in show business and therefore, didn’t choose to be scrutinized by the public. She said she wanted to keep quiet about the divorce to protect him and that she found it frustrating that people that don’t even know her and her husband gossip about their private life.

For as much as Aisha has opened up publically about the end of her marriage she has stated that there is only so much she will say in public because what happens in her personal life is not the whole world’s business.

The divorce filing is coming for Aisha and Jeff after having been legally separated since January of 2015.

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