Amber Heard Appears In Court


A video has surfaced on YouTube of Amber Heard publicly speaking out concerning a court case in which she faced charges for illegally taking her dogs from the United States to Australia when she traveled there to be with husband Johnny Depp, who was in Australia filming a movie.

On April 18th, Amber Heard was seen by Queensland’s South port Magistrates Court. The only thing that she pled guilty to was filing a false Incoming Passenger Card, which is required of everyone entering Australia from another country. Pleading guilty to the crime is the only thing that prevented Heard from having to serve jail time for her breaking of the law.

In Australia biosecurity laws are very strict and are heavily enforced. The biosecurity laws exist to protect the residents of Australia as well as to protect the country’s plants and animals. The lawsuit against Heard stemmed from the fact that she broke the rules by not honestly reporting what she was bringing into the country with her. All incoming passenger cards require every item a person is bringing into the country to be listed, and this includes pets. Heard’s failure to do so was seen as breaking the law.

In the YouTube video posted above, Amber Heard stated her contrition for the world to hear. Her husband Johnny Depp stood by her side in the video in support of her and her cause. The video is said by many to be a bizarre apology.

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