British traits revealed, do you know any?


A survey was conducted among 2,000 people. The results revealed a number of traditions, Britons are very proud of and that they still keep up with or are still celebrating.

Results coming out of new reaches show that Britons put on the kettle in time of crisis. Also queuing in an orderly fashion and having an avid interest in the weather at all times. They all have been identified as key British traits.

The results also show that the Britons like to enjoy a Sunday roast , they are always overly polite and are having a full English breakfast. Other well-known British

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customs are celebrating Guy Fawkes Night and having a turkey dinner for Christmas and going to a typical English countryside pub.


Having Tea, would be a big surprise it not had come up in the results as a typical British trait and is the most important one they love to do. Even if the Britons are traveling abroad they always have a few teabags in their suitcase. The survey was commissioned by luxury holiday provider , Sovereign, ahead of the Queen’s birthday. On 21st April 2016 she turned 90 years.
According the spokesman for Sovereign, he said that Britain has many wonderful traditions, and as a nation they are very proud of them. Other British traits that came up were, saying sorry when you’ve done nothing wrong, adhering to rules and taking, lots of clothes to the beach just in case it gets cold. British, always cheering on the underdog, barbequing at the merest hint of sunshine and dunking biscuits into a cup of hot tea also appeared.

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