Car racing is a sport involving the racing of automobiles for competition.

The principal aim of an individual event is to set the racing time in a set number of laps or time limit.

The finishing order is defined by race time, with the quickest time in first place, second-fastest in second place and so on.

Any motorist failing to finish a race for any reason is considered retires or out.

Eliminated drivers will have their positions restricted by the order in which they retired the first to retire finishing last and the next second-last and so on.

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In most cases, a driver’s final run position may be numbered if he or she finishes a certain number of the race distance, normally just short of completing the full race. (For instance, in Formula One, a driver’s race status is classified if he or she finishes 90% of the full race distance). There are several different kinds of auto racing, each with various rules and regulations, such as mandatory pit stops and car regulations, for all cars and drivers to comply.

The endless exposure of a driver to shake and G forces in years of automobile racing may have a strong effect on the high incidence of musculoskeletal disorders.

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