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These two diners are unaware of what is about to happen as they sit happily enjoying their pizza. Seconds later they are thrown from their seats as a car ploughs into the restaurant, sending them crashing into the counter. As the footage shows, the car hits the glass windows, then the diners, before coming to

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Anyone asking this cow to moo-ve along might be a bit udderly baffled by its position on high. The bizarre optical illusion grabbed the attention of passing snapper Ian Wilson, who captured the moment on camera. The 46-year-old was out for a walk in South Devon when he saw the unusual sight of a Friesian

Weird World 1

A clever dog well and truly got one over on his best friend – by tricking him with a sneaky swimming pool prank. In the clip, which has been going viral since it was shared online, two dogs are seen standing at either side of the pool, watching each other intently. But this is where

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The lack of exposure to daylight during autumn and winter, cold weather and reliance on comfort food means that, come summer, we’re not always ready to shed the layers and worship the sun with abandon. One problem area is our feet. After basically ignoring them for the past few months, we’re suddenly aware of how

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A TV reporter who shot to fame after accidentally flashing her boobs live on air has now been spotted showing off her breasts in an exercise routine. Footage of Roxana Vancea suffering a nipple-slip was seen more than four million times after it was uploaded onto the internet. And now, just 24 hours later, another