Chris Brown considered suicide after beating up Rihanna as he opens up for new documentary


Everybody thought that Chris Brown and Rihanna were meant to be together. The were absolutely a cute couple. Than the news hit us hard in the face when we heared that Chris Brown had beaten up his girlfriend Rihanna in February 2009 after a pre-Grammys party. There were also pictures of her face on the internet. Everybody could see the bruises Chris Brown had left behind.

But now we come to hear that Chris Brown had considered, killing himself after assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown now confesses that he felt like a monster after he done his coward deeds.

This whole story comes out into the open for the documentary of Chris Brown, titled: Welcome to My Life. In this documentary he speaks freely about his feelings en what he was feeling after he beat up Rihanna. Feeling like a monster is the perfect word to describe what he did. Don’t you think? Chris Brown says in the documentary that he felt like killing himself. He felt like committing suicide. He was sleep deprived and was doing drugs.

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Even his mother, Joyce Hawkins, admitted the incident affected the entire family especially when they saw Rihanna’s face. For them and for her son it was the worst day of their lives. She was afraid that she would lose her son.
The release of the trailer of Chris Brown’s documentary, ‘’Welcome to my Life’’, is coming out soon.

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