Police arrest “voodoo” couple who performed bizarre love ritual in cemetery with “bones from corpse”


A couple (a woman and her boyfriend) were arrested after allegedly performing a bizarre voodoo love ceremony with the bones of a corpse.
The 37-year-old woman and her new lover of 34 years, were found in a cemetery at daybreak, where they were said to be carrying out a macabre ritual to banish all trace of the woman’s former lover.

The police officers were shocked to find two effigies tied together by a rope, chickpeas, corn and noodles, two plastic cups with rum inside and a half-burned candle.
The couple was charged with an offence of criminal damage and “lack of respect” for the dead after conducting the ceremony which involved raiding human bones from one of the graves.


image source http://www.mirror.co.uk
image source http://www.mirror.co.uk

The strange items were found outside a vault which had been broken open and the remains of a corpse removed. The maintenance staff at the cemetery in Alicante, Spain, made the disturbing discovery when they came into work the next day and called in the police to investigate the scene of desecration.
Police suspected straight away that it had been some sort of ritual and arrested the couple a few days later.

Just a few days before, the same maintenance crew discovered a bag containing human bones and voodoo dolls. And earlier, a skull was found in one of the cemetery niches with a candle and the remains of a body buried in 1992. The police officers believe these incidents were either a prank or linked to Satanism.

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