Practicing yoga on airplane, gets you arrested by FBI


An airplane on it’s way to Japan had to turn around to Hawaii, because of a violent passenger. This passenger wanted to do yoga in the airplane instead of taking his seat and was arrested said the FBI.
The pilot of the United Airlines flight, turned the plane around after hearing that Hyongtae Pae was yelling at crew members and shoving his wife. FBI arrested the violent man for wanting to practice yoga meditation on the airplane

The man told the FBI he didn’t want to sit in his seat during the meal service, so he went to the back of the plane to do yoga and meditate. He became very angry when his wife and flight attendants told him to return to his seat.
“Pae pushed his wife because she was trying to stop him from his yoga actions. He felt that she was siding with the flight crew. He tried to head-butt and bite Marines who were passengers on the flight and tried to force him back to his seat. His detention hearing was on 13th April 2016.


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According to the complaint, Pae threatened to kill passengers and was yelling that there is no god. He went into a rage because he felt like the flight crew was ordering him around. Since the arrest, Pae’s wife has been staying at the Waikiki Gateway Hotel, defense attorney. Pae only recently took up yoga to help with anxiety, and that he was sleep-deprived during the vacation. Pae told the FBI he hadn’t been able to sleep in 11 days.

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