Prince Charles ‘’in love’’ with Barbra Streisand


The Prince of wales, prince Charles was secretly in love with singing legend Barbra Streisand for over decades. They both had a close relationship. So close that Princess Diana might think that some ting was going on between them. So it was said by someone close to the family

Charles and Barbra met each other in 1974. Charles was only 26 year old. He was than an officer docked in Los Angeles and was given his choice of any Hollywood star he liked to meet, according to a new book by Christopher Andersen.
Prince Charles saw the movie Funny Girl wit Barbra Streisand three times. And that is not all, he also kept a framed photo of the movie star on his wall at Cambridge. If that’s not all,….he also has one in his private quarters in Buckingham Palace. Charles even told his personal valet that he really want to meet Barbra Streisand.

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Barbra Straisand said to be nervous and hardly speak during her meeting with the Prince. Later on she said jokingly that if she was more nicer to him, maybe she might have been the first real Jewish princess.”

In 1994 Charles en Barb met again. For all we know it was a secret rendezvous’’ in the Air Hotel”. The name of the meeting:“private tea.” It was said by people close to the royals that the prince and Miss Streisand were very affectionate with each other. The even were startled when a housekeeper walked upon them in the study of Charles. It was also said by Diana’s onfidante Lady Elsa Bowker, that Diana would not have been surprised if they had an affair.” But Charles was already involved with Camilla Parker

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