Robert DeNiro Speaks Out On Autism And Vaccines


Robert DeNiro is speaking out about the perceived link between Autism and vaccines. In light of the 15th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival, which was created by DeNiro, he has appeared on the Today Show to address the subject, stemming from his own child having Autism.

One of the movies that were supposed to be screened at Tribeca this year, Vaxxed focuses on the anti-vaccination issue that has been gripping the country. The movie was pulled from the film fest lineup in light of controversy surrounding the issue. This spurred DeNiro to question many of the most recent statistics regarding the link between vaccinating children and subsequent diagnoses of Autism. He said he is not against children getting vaccinated he simply wants the vaccines to be safe for them.

Vaxxed was directed by Dr. Andrew Wake field who has been disgraced in the medical field for his views on vaccinations. His reputation as a doctor plummeted after The Lancet, a well-known medical journal, published a paper he wrote in 1998 which linked developmental delays in children to the vaccines they were given for rubella, measles and mumps. The paper was written based on 12 subjects but further research on those subjects produced no evidence that the stated theories were correct.

The Lancet rescinded this paper in 2010, leading to Dr. Wake field no longer being legally permitted to offer medical services in the U.K. He was charged with child abuse and dishonesty.

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