Selena Gomez Opens Up About Rehab Stay


After appearing at the 2016 I Heart Radio Awards, Selena Gomez publicly tackled the sensitive subject of her time in rehab. She insists that she was in rehab after being diagnosed with Lupus disease. Between her health issues and a miscarriage her mother suffered, Gomez needed to she needed to take time off and away from the spotlight. She even cancelled scheduled concerts to help her mother grieve the loss.

According to Gomez, when she disappeared from the public eye she was receiving chemotherapy to treat her Lupus. She said that throughout her treatment she went to two different facilities in order to get the disease under control.

As a result of being treated for Lupus, Gomez traveled to a children’s hospital to meet some of the patients. She spoke of one patient she met that wouldn’t look her directly in the eye until she gave him permission to ask her anything he wanted to. He then asked her if she had ever been sick in the hospital and she told him that not only did she have Lupus, she had stayed in the same hospital room he was staying in. She told him that she too was unhappy that she was sick and that it was never fun.

Gomez has stated her frustration that everyone seems more interested in her past than in her plans for the future. She expressed frustration and questioned why people care so much about her past.

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