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Table tennis can be classified as a major sport in the world, with millions of participants, major tournaments (with their superstar), and many other things that make sports truly a class by itself.

As a sport that emphasizes strength and reflexes above the size and power, people of any age and gender can play in the area of ​​equality. The equipment is sold at a reasonable price, and the sport is played indoors, both competition and practice throughout the year is possible. A game that requires at least two players and usually lasts about 30 minutes, allowing you for quick meetings during breaks, etc.

Table tennis is a very popular sport, and well accepted in the world is a testament for its versatility. The United States was behind Europe and Asia per capital participation and contribution of table tennis as a sport. With enough enthusiasm and support,

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The true origin of table tennis is largely unknown, although the sport has already documented in 1800s in England. Table tennis Sport began to be popular around the world in early 1900.

In the meantime, the official name of the game is changed Tennis form Ping-Pong to table tennis. This is because of the conflicts with Parker Brothers, which owned the rights to the name and game of pin-pong.

Table Tennis Federation and the Table Tennis Association of the United States (later changed to United States Association of Table Tennis) were formed around that time. These organizations will become the primary authority making table tennis.

Table tennis has evolved considerably since their births surprised the sports world, acquiring a number of changes in rules and see the evolution of technology and equipment as well as playing styles changed. Such refinement is used only evidence that table tennis is a classic sport with respect.

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