The World’s Most Expensive Kabob.


The world’s most expensive kabob is being sold in London, England and as far as we know, it looks amazing. The experience we in America have with the delicious kabobs are awesome and underwhelming. I think kabobs are great food because they are very easy tot make and you also get a delicious treat on a stick. Just as we Americans like our food, ‘’on a stick’’. Right? Who does not like meat sticks. But of course one thing you should know when you get your kabob at street carts and delis, they often end up drying out and lacking flavor.

That explains why a chef in London wants to give them the upscale treatment. And he is doing so by serving them for $1,300. You might be asking yourself? Is the chef crazy, why so expensive? Well, according to Onder Sahan, head chef at Hazev, the kabobs are made using wagyu beef, 25-year-old vinegar, and a mix of other fine ingredients.

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The head chef does not believe that kabobs should be limited to post-bar consumption. So in his own way he trying to flip the script. Part of the point is to prove that any food can be elevated to such a level that people pay good money for extremely good food. And as I can tell you myself, these kabobs look amazing. Sahan is a humble man and not some high horse because his kabobs are worth $1,300. It is worth to try it.

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    • Tadikr!Knepseke faktisk ikke sÃ¥ meget, vi var ret fulde, og alle jokede sÃ¥dan set bare derinde og nød maden. Tror ikke ejeren er blevet rost sÃ¥ meget før:-DDet er min kammerat der gnasker i sig. Han Ã¥d 2 Flæskestegs sandwich og en cheeseburger, sÃ¥ har var meget tilfreds;-)

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