The world’s oldest cat is 121 and an avid user of social media!


The world’s oldest cat is 121 years in cat years. His age did not get in the way of keeping his fans up to date with his adventures on social media.
At 26 years old and 205 days old – nearly 121 in cat years , the mature moggy Corduroy has gained up to thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Fans are logging in regularly to see what he has been up to. the mature moggy Corduroy also holds the prestigious Guinness World Records title for oldest living cat and is still in very good health.

His owner Ashley Reed Okura, 34 years old, said, she set up an Instagram acoount for her cat on August 13th, 2015. That is the same date that Guinness World Records graciously announced his claim to the record of oldest living cat. He also has Snapchat and Facebook and he gets really positive reactions. Ashley is trying her best to update the social media pages so the followers are always up to date of the cat’s life. She also tries to respond to lots of messages and special requests.”


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Corduroy lives with Ashley and her 37-year-old husband Aaron Masuru Okura, they are a ranch restaurant owner, in Sisters, Oregon in the US.
Ashley chose the half Main Coon moggy, who was born on August 1, 1989, from a litter to be her pet during a visit to a neighbouring town. Ashley was then but six-year-old.
At the same time Ashley’s brother Ryan, then five years old, also got a kitten that he called Batman. He lived to the age of 19 years. Ashley says that it is a privilege to have Corduroy in her life.

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