Thieves dressing up as Apple Workers stealing iPhones from NYC stores


Not long ago three people stole approximately 67 iPhones from an Upper West Side Apple store. Also in Soho 19 more iPhones were stolen about seven days ago. It is questioned, how these criminals could possibly infiltrate the impenetrable security of a retail store that are run by certifiable geniuses. They did it by dressing like Apple store employees. Could you imagine that!

No we know that these culprits knew their way around an Apple store. When pulling the job the thieves were dressed just like the Apple employees. They walking directly to the drawers where brand-new, unlocked iPhones were stored. As far as we know the store at the Upper West Side location is actually smart target, because they used to train employees. That’s why the workers there were not surprised to see an unfamiliar face wearing the uniform. According to the New York Post the store was robbed twice.

The Police have connected the two robberies as related. But when they got the report they are not sure if these thieves were wearing the official shirts for the Apple store or maybe something close to that uniform. But either way, Apple might want to revisit that strategy. Actually this was not the first time that someone pulled this dirty trick. It is known that it already happened a few times. Strange people posing as Apple employee, stealing phones. It seems that it is not that difficult to so.

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