Villagers stunned to discover ‘angel from heaven’ on beach.


Villagers in Indonesia were stunned when they, what they thought was an angel to actually turns out to be a sex doll. The residents of a remote Indonesian village discovered what they believed to be an “angel” on a beach. The figure that really looked like a human was described by a local news organisation Pojok Satu as an “angel child.” It was found by a fisherman last month who reported that he heard it falling from the sky. Pojok Satu described the “angel” as being “shining white, with round eyes and with red eyebrows.” “The angel child also was found face down, crying and naked covered whit only a white piece of cloth.”

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After the discovery the fisherman took it to a house in his village Kalupapi, where locals sat it in a chair, and gave it a change of clothes and a new hijab each day for the next few days. The villagers were very excited and the spread on social media. But the excitement did not last long, since the villagers were informed that their angelic discovery wasn’t an angel at all. “It was checked by a local police officer and it turned out to be just a normal sex toy. A local named Iqbal, told reporters that he actually suspected something like that. The doll had not fallen from the sky, but had instead been dumped off the side of a passing boat. It is not known what the villagers decided to do with the doll after finding out the disappointing truth.

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