What happens to your social media account when you pass away?


Your family will be very sad of course and they will be mourning you. But if you had a social media account, you actually still have a presence online. If we only look at facebook, they have an astonishing 30 million dead ‘users’. They continue to exist in cyberspace.

Let’s face it, when you as a person passes away in this modern age of the 21st century and you had any kind of social media account, you leave your legacy behind. It’s an account of what you have done throughout your life and that you shared with the world, family and friends.
There are privacy laws of the companies like facebook, instagram or twitter as well as email providers that mean, that no one is allowed to log in as you. If they even try to do so, they may force a shutdown of the account and they will lose everything that they were trying to preserve.

Facebook, is telling their users that they can let the network know in advance, if they like to have their account memorialized when they have passed on, or if they want it permanently deleted from Facebook in the event of their death. In case you have a twitter account. Twitter has allowed people to make a request to shut down an account of a person who has passed away. Twitter also leaves room for another person who is authorized to act on the behalf of the estate, to have an account deactivated. Instagram also memorializes accounts like Facebook does. So Actually you can be memorized even after dead .

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