Woman In Hospital With Shark Attached To Arm


Imagine going swimming at beach in Boca Raton and then getting attacked by a 2ft nurse shark who cannot let go of your arm. It is known that de 2ft nurse shark was reportedly being bothered by other swimmers when it bit the woman and clung to her, even after it died. The woman had to rushed to the hospital while a nurse shark was attached to her arm after it bit her when she was as swimming. The shark refused to let go of her arm. The shark got a hold of her arm just below the elbow. The 23 year old young lady was enjoying the beach in Boca Raton when the accident occurred.

When the ambulance arrived the paramedics used a splint board to support her arm and the shark as she was taken away from the beach on Sunday afternoon. The shark was determined not to let go of the arm, even when it died it did not let go. Bystanders were saying that swimmers were bothering the shark. The nurse shark was barely breathing but it refused to let go. It was like it was stuck to her arm. A spokesman for Boca Raton Ocean Rescue said that the lady remained calm what was very important and there was little blood from the wound. according to Boca Raton Fire and Rescue she was in a stable condition in hospital. Nurse sharks are common along the US East Coast and grow up to 14ft. Unlike other sharks, they are slow-moving and can remain motionless on the sea bed. They will bite defensively if stepped on or bothered.

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