Woman who has cried tears made of stone for seven years baffles doctors


In China a woman has been mysteriously producing stone tears for over seven years and has turned to the media for help. She went to the doctors, but they thought she was crazy.
Ding Aihua felt the pain in her eyes about seven years ago and her husband, Liang Xinchun, was shocked to see a tiny stone under her eyelid. Since than she was crying stone tears. Liang said the doctors had no words for this bizarre incident. Every time the couple went to the hospital they were treated like he and his wife were delirious. The doctors refuse to believe them.

After removing the tiny stone tear the woman felt fine but only for a short while, because within a few moments another stone tear was on its way. It must be said that removing the hard silvery stone tears are very difficult.
Liang said, that a wire was needed to carefully get them out. He says that since his wife has been crying stone tears he has gathered 10 of the small stones produced in his wife’s eye socket.

Liang, is a farmer living in Lufang village in Heze city in East China’s Shandong Province. He said that although they travelled the country looking for help, the doctors did nothing because they did not believe them. They claimed the couple to be crazy and should be put away. Because the doctors refuse to hear the truth the couple went to the media to tell their story. Because of the attention in the media they were able to show one of the stones coming out of the wife’s eye socket. At this point they were able to convince the people of the painful problem.
Journalists who joined the wife and husband to a hospital said that they were baffled as to what the possible explanation might be, and the report has now gone viral in China.

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